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weekend retreat

Weekend Retreat is suitable for those who are passionate about nature but do not want to spend a lot of time moving. A short trip is enough for you to unwind and relax your body.



At Sustainations Retreat, each Sivananda yoga trainer is not only a yoga teacher but they are also companions on the path of finding balance and peace for the participants' souls and bodies. The goal of yoga is inner and outer peace and realizing oneness in diversity.

trainer viveka 

- 2016-2017: Serving community programs Vietpride, Friends of Ireland, S-BOX,...
- 2017-2022: Start practicing classical Yoga and Ayurvedic life. Completed the 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training course in Hanoi.
- Teaching assistant for more than 10 classical yoga teacher training courses in Da Lat
Every year, participate in the organization of Yoga summer camps for children and teenagers in Da Lat and Yen Bai (2022).
- Participate in training children's Yoga teachers
- 2023: Receiving and coordinating activities at Sama Yoga Center.

trainer priya hanh phuoc

- Graduated from the 200-hour international Sivananda classical yoga instructor course in February 2014.
- Completed restorative yoga certification in 2018.
- From 2014 to present, she has been in charge of teaching many different subjects, from the elderly, cancer patients, stroke patients, pregnant women as well as yoga classes of all levels.
- Vedanta Philosophy and Silent Meditation course December 2022 in Da Lat.


  1. Spiritual Regeneration: Organizational spaces often provide a quiet space for participants to reflect and listen to their inner voices.

  2. Practice Self-Care: Spend time with yourself, doing activities like meditation, yoga, or sound therapy that help strengthen the mind-body connection.

  3. Self-Discovery: The new environment and activities involved in the retreat often help you discover many new things about yourself.

  4. Focus on Health: When participating in the retreat, participants will understand how to eat properly, exercise properly, and breathe properly through the activities in the program.

  5. Connect with Nature: Forest bathing is an activity that has been scientifically proven to bring health benefits and the recommended frequency is twice a year if you choose a location in a primeval forest.

  6. Learn & Grow: Lessons, workshops, and activities at the retreat provide new knowledge and skills, from meditation to healthier bodies.

  7. Meet & Connect: Retreats are also an opportunity for people to meet and connect with people with similar views and lifestyles.



This trip was truly a blessing. I gained many new perspectives in life and felt the authenticity of the trainer' sharing and lectures.

I really enjoyed that trip. Shambhu's lectures really gave me many new perspectives, helping me clearly perceive my current physical condition and improve it a lot.

What you get is more than just a trip! It is the connection between yourself and nature, with others and with yourself.

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